Angel centerpiece for baptism

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The following image is the completed Angel centerpiece that you can make after you complete the steps below.


Here’s a beautiful angel centerpiece for a baptism, angels are typical of the occasion and you can create the centerpiece in the color that you like the most.

In this tutorial we chose an angel. But it can easily be replaced with any kind prefabricated figure that you like, for example, you can also place a small teddy bear in the center of the arrangement.

Things you’ll need:


  • 1 fabric angel made on a wooden stick (can be replaced with any figure)
  • 2 blue plastic rods
  • 2 nature like decorative plastic spheres
  • 1 grid-shaped wooden basket, rectangular 8.2 inches X 3.5 inches
  • 39 inches of blue cloth ribbon 0.8 inches wide.
  • 78 inches of metallic blue curly ribbon
  • 1 foam brick (which will be cut to specified size below)
  • 1 sheet of decorative paper (as an option fabric)
  • 2 sheets of blue tissue paper (rise paper)
  • 8 toothpicks
  • Cold and hot silicone
  • White glue
  • Scissors, ruler, and a pencil

1. Take the wooden grid basket, place the blue cloth ribbon (which is 0.8 inches wide) and fix it with cold silicone at the end so that it’s fixed. angel-centerpiece-for-baptism-step-1

2. Cut the foam brick 8.2 inch X 3.5 inch, cover it with tissue paper (rise papaer) and place it on the wooden basket, fixing it with white glue. angel-centerpiece-for-baptism-step-2

3. Cut 3.1 inches to one of the blue plastic rods. angel-centerpiece-for-baptism-step-3

4. Fix the ‘nature like plastic spheres’ on the tip of the blue plastic rods with the hot silicone. angel-centerpiece-for-baptism-step-4

5. Cut 4 strips of 19 inches of blue curly ribbon, take two for each sphere and place them under the spheres, twisting the ribbon that is loose. angel-centerpiece-for-baptism-step-5

6. Place the decorated plastic rods in the foam, and fix them with hot silicone, so that they remain fixed, leaving a space of 2.3 inches between them. angel-centerpiece-for-baptism-step-6

7. Cut squares of 3.9 inches from the decorative paper, then cut squares tissue paper squares of 5.9 inches, join them, fold them in four, and in the center, fix them with hot silicone to a toothpick, so that there are pennants. Elaborate 8 of them. angel-centerpiece-for-baptism-step-7

8. Place the 8 pennants on the base of the fom brick, four on each side along the grid. angel-centerpiece-for-baptism-step-8

9. Finally, place the angel or figure (you may cut the stick to adjust the height) and place it in the center of the arrangement. angel-centerpiece-for-baptism-step-9

We hope to give you an idea or inspire you to create your own centerpiece, we wish you have a memorable event.