Centerpiece flower vase for sweet sixteen or wedding

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The following image is the completed flower vase centerpiece that you can make after you complete the steps below.


If you have an important wedding celebration or sweet sixteen party, then we recommend you this lovely centerpiece, as always feel free to change the color and materials to match the theme of your event.

Here you will find a mint color centerpiece, easy to make.


Things you’ll need:
  • One glass vase. (Prefabricated)
  • Five sheets of Albanene paper letter size (8.4 inch X 11 inch) (Prefabricated).
  • 33.4 inches of cloth ribbon (0.7 inch width)
  • Five fabric flowers. (prefabricated)
  • One mirror (square, 9 inch), for the base. (Prefabricated)
  • 19.6 inches of litmus cellophane paper.
  • Cold sylicon.
  • Needle and thread.

1. Cut 19.6 inches of litmus cellophane and the cloth ribbon centerpiece-flower-vase-materials

2. Unfold cellophane paper, and insert it into the vase. centerpiece-flower-vase-step-1

3. Roll up the Albanene paper sheets. In this example they were printed to look like a partiture, (you can leave them white if you want to). centerpiece-flower-vase-step-2

4. Place the ribbon around the center of the vase, make a loop and stick it with cold sylicon. centerpiece-flower-vase-step-3

5. Make a bow with the ribbon, sew it with needle and thread, and finally fix it on the linked ribbon. centerpiece-flower-vase-step-4

6. Place the fabric flowers and rolls of Albanene paper, inside the vase. centerpiece-flower-vase-step-5

7. In the mirror base, center the glass vase. centerpiece-flower-vase-step-6

As a final detail, place and fix the 3 paper fabric or natural flowers on the mirror. centerpiece-flower-vase-step-7