Love birds wedding favor

Categories: favors

The following image is the completed Love birds favor that you can make after you complete the steps below.


This favor is very quick to make since it relies on prefabricated materials, be creative and switch some of them to suit your taste and give your wedding or event your special touch.

It matches the Love birds centerpiece , we suggest you to make them together in order to add a special touch to your event.


Things you’ll need:
  • 1 wooden base in the shape of a small flower (Prefabricated or you can also buy it in plastic)
  • 2 Figures in the shape of little birds 1 inch in size. (Prefabricated you can also replace wit other figures)
  • 1 bottle of mahogany paint
  • 6 little fabric flowers (3 pink color, 3 peach color).
  • 1 dried flower bouquet (natural color).
  • 1 dried flower bouquet (green color).
  • 1 little round white candle.
  • 1 Cold silicon

1. Paint the wooden base with mahogany paint love-birds-wedding-favor-step-1

2. Fix the candle with silicone in the center of the base. love-birds-wedding-favor-step-2

3. Place and fix with silicone the dried flower bouquet (natural color), naturally place them around the candle to cover its entire circumference. love-birds-wedding-favor-step-3

4. Fix some dried flower bouquet (green color) using the cold silicone. love-birds-wedding-favor-step-4

5. Distribute the pink and peach flowers around in order to look as a flower arrangement, fixing them with cold silicone. love-birds-wedding-favor-step-5

6. Fix the two figures of birds on the place that will be the center on the arrangement love-birds-wedding-favor-step-6

7, As an optional final touch, put a card with the initials of the spouses, use a small ribbon to link.