Teen Birthday Party Ideas : Cool & Trendy Ideas

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Teens love birthday parties, if you are a teenager looking for teen birthday party ideas or if you are a parent that wants to surprise your teenager with a cool and memorable party, here you can find 5 of the coolest and trendy ideas for your event.

1.- Selfies theme teen birthday party

It’s a fact that teenagers love taking selfies and group photos with their friends and post them to social media, so its a great idea to have a selfies theme party, it’s guaranteed to be memorable since it’s going to result in a lot of fun pics.

Selfies theme party

Things we suggest for the party:

  • Decorations
  • Different Photo booths, Photo booth frames, Giant Photo frames, you can create some of them yourself or nowadays you can find some for rent.
  • Selfie Booth Props and Fun Accesories Hats, beards, funny looking glasses, masks, costumes.
  • Selfie sticks


  • Make sure to create different scenarios where the guests are encouraged to participate, for example you can have a super hero theme photo booth and a fashion show photo booth and a beach photo booth etc.


It can be anywhere you want as long as it has sufficient space for the different photo booths.

2.- K-pop theme teen birthday party

K-pop is hugely popular right now thanks to groups like BTS, BLACKPINK, EXO, so if you are a fan it’s a good idea to throw a amazing k-pop theme party with your friends.

K-pop theme party

Things we suggest for the party:

  • K-pop decoration, posters, balloons, preferably of your favorite k-pop groups.
  • K-pop invitations.
  • K-pop Party supplies.
  • Just dance game that plays K-Pop songs!
  • A projector with a prepared list of K-pop videos and great sound.
  • Prepare some play lists with your favorite K-pop groups.
  • Illumination.
  • A K-pop photo frame is a good idea.
  • A K-pop decorated cake.
  • K-pop gifts for the guests.


  • Make sure you have amazing sound and decor since it’s going to be the main entertainment.
  • Project your favorite K-pop videos and play to follow choreography if you dare.
  • You can play Guess the K-pop song game with your guests.


Preferably indoors where you can take advantage of the illumination you prepared and dance with your guests to your favorite songs, it will also benefit the projection of some of those cool k-pop videos.

3.- VR (virtual reality) theme teen birthday party

Most of teens love playing video games, nowadays VR have some great titles that are excellent for group entertainment, so you can have a VR theme party, not everyone have access to these technology because it’s pricey so many of your guests could have a great time by coming to your party to experience it for the first time.

VR theme party

Things we suggest for the party:

  • VR equipment we suggest that you check out some VR rental packages near you, even if you own a VR headset it may be a good idea to rent in case of damage during the party.
  • Screens, tv or projectors.
  • Qualified personnel (hire some help for setting up and troubleshooting tech issues during the party)
  • VR games, here are some recommendations:
    • Rock Band VR
    • Beat Saber
    • The Playroom VR
    • Cloudlands VR Mini Golf
  • VR theme invitations.
  • Just dance game (not VR but great in parties)
  • Other console games such as fighting games or sports.
  • Board games.
  • Couches and confy chairs since guests could be play sitting or they may rest.
  • Music and snacks, consider that not all people will be playing at the same time.
  • Small gifts and prices.


  • Organize turns for playing, so everyone can experience.
  • Mini tournaments and competitions such who can get the higher score? and give small prices.
  • Prepare some playlists and snacks for guests that are not playing.
  • Not everyone likes VR have some board games available so they are not left out.


Preferably indoors since you’ll need tv’s to show the gameplay of your guests.

4.- EDM theme teen birthday party

EDM (Electronic dance music) festivals are more popular than before, many teens wish to be part of them but some can’t go for different reasons so why not take inspiration and make your party a small version of the festivals.

EDM theme party

Things we suggest for the party:

  • A professional DJ (since music will be the main attraction we advise that you hire the best DJ you can afford on your budget).
  • Great sound.
  • EDM party invitations.
  • Illumination, for example you could use Black light.
  • Glow sticks, Glow Paint, Glow Costumes
  • Color Powder
  • Decoration inspired in your favorite festival, you can take a look at videos from some of these festivals:
    • Tomorrowland
    • Electric Daisy Carnival
    • Sensation
    • Ultra Music Festival
  • EDM theme photo frame
  • Hydrating drinks (dancing and jumping can be tiresome for your guests)
  • Snack tables
  • Rest area


  • Great Music and sound is the main attraction.
  • Make sure that there’s a resting area away from noise and guests can have conversations.


Preferably outdoors and make sure that the place you choose is allowed for these kind of events and noise levels.

5.- Cosplay theme teen birthday party

Cosplay is a great theme for your party and many Teens can’t wait for the next occasion to wear costumes, here your guests should wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent their favorite character.

Cosplay theme party

Things we suggest for the party:

  • Cosplay theme party invitations.
  • Decoration inspired in your favorite characters from: cartoons, comic books, television series, video games, anime, sci fi
  • Favorite characters theme photo frames
  • Prices and gifts for your guests.
  • A Runway


  • You can prepare some playlists with the favorite music from your favorite cosplay characters.
  • Many of your guests will make an effort on their costume so why not reward the best by having a voted competition.
  • Photo sessions and scene representations.


It can be anywhere you want as long as you have sufficient room for a runway so guests can show their costumes.

Before you go remember to:

  • Make a budget for your party
  • Have a guest list, usually according to budget
  • Plan for the date
  • If your budget allows it have a dedicated photographer